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Research Expertise

Brand Strategy


A Comprehensive Approach

Develop your market, unearth a new point of view on your portfolio, uncover the underlying motivations that will strengthen the appeal of your products and construct messages that will expand your target audiences.

We can help you to:

  • Help consumers articulate personal barriers to product acceptance

  • Optimize your message

  • Identify & reach your target audience

  • Properly position your brand

  • Dive below typical consumer responses

  • Figure out what "job" the customer wants to get done

  • Design products and brands to fill that need

  • Uncover what drives physicians to prescribe

  • Identify what motivates patients to ask doctors for certain products and not other


Creative Thoughts


Over the years, Bruce Eckman has worked with corporate executives from Fortune 500 companies with major media problems to internal conflicts and succession problems within family-run businesses. He uses his clinical training and business acumen to help executives gain perspective and skills to feel more satisfied with their jobs and maximize their performance. Bruce brings skills from 25 years as a business consultant and coach to facilitate an executive's ability to deal with complicated business situations.

Leadership C's (specific areas of training):

Capability - Being aware and grounded in your observations
Knowing what is expected
Communication skills with others

Concentration -  Knowing what is important and the ability to ward off what is not

Composure - Staying calm under pressure

Confidence - Belief in one's ability to perform well

Conflict Resolution - Internal Staff Conflicts
Mergers and Acquisitions
Media Exposure and Public Relations

Let us help you play to your strengths

Cheerful marketing people brainstorming


After numerous compliments from consumers thinking they had heard his voice on TV or radio, Bruce Eckman started doing voice overs for some of his pharmaceutical clients. 

With countless hours of reading copy in focus groups as well as extensive public speaking, voice-overs seemed a natural evolution. 

Click here to listen to a sample voice-over by Bruce.

→ This demo is for a new cancer drug utilizing Active Cellular Immunotherapy. Please note: the brand name has been removed for proprietary purposes.