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Assistant Professor at Queens College of the City University of New York and New York University teaching courses in social and clinical psychology, nonverbal communication, systems theory, statistics and research design. At the same time had an individual and group psychotherapy practice in New York City. 

Bruce Eckman designed a test using music and other non-verbal cues to determine personality traits in children who had verbal and psychological impairments, which was later adapted for an applied marketing audience. 

Creative Insights has developed three proprietary instruments and interviewing techniques (PsychProbes, Strategic Imagery and Zap Test) to facilitate a deeper understanding of the consumer/physician who are difficult to get emotional responses from by getting around learned self-deceptions and socially acceptable answers. 

Bruce has received two "Effies" for advertising effectiveness, which is unusual for a supplier. As an independent consultant he has worked with hundreds of clients, mostly Fortune 500 companies and advertising agencies. 

While in academia, he published twenty-five articles in social science journals and was the Research Editor of et Cetera, a journal devoted to the role of symbols in human behavior. As an independent researcher he has conducted over 1,100 research projects for companies with proprietary rights to the materials. 

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Partner & Senior Research Analyst

Shelly Eckman received her Ph.D. from Harvard University. Her background is in Social Psychology & Business. While at Harvard she taught courses in Social Psychology, Social Analysis, Organizational Behavior & Psychology & The Law. She has done extensive research on the impact of social conscience & business competency on corporate image. As well, she has developed techniques for measuring non-verbal cues such as tone of voice & body language. Other research areas include, Doctor/Patient Compliance, Leadership Style, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Strategy & The Role of Women in the Workplace. 
Shelly is a partner & senior research analyst at Creative Insights where she helped to develop Strategic Imagery™️, a visual elicitation technique to  uncover the “unaltered” emotional responses of individuals, allowing for a clearer understanding of consumer motivation.